That would be me, Thieny Nguyen —just “T” for short. A photographer and artist, located in here in the Bay Area. What is it that I look for in my photos? It can be an object, place, or person —the goal is always to show more than what is visually seen. To be able to dig deeper than the visual aesthetics and provoke thought or emotion. If this can be achieved, truly then will every image be timeless.  Even in the cruel world of commercial work, there is always a way to push thought and emotion.

  What can I do for you?

My services include a wide range of skill’s, including —but not limited to— elvish skills that allow for the freezing of time and the ability to show you that time, once more —at a later date of choosing— on the media of your choice. Joke’s aside, I have been photographing, printing and restoring photographs for customers since 2010.  I also dabble in web design and graphic design. 

You can contact me here.